RUSSELL WESTBOROOK in a wonderland casting spot
WONDERLAND CASTING  - national flood insurance program
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WONDERLAND CASTING - moto restauraunt
Wonderland Casting by Al Miller
Goodnight Gracie casting by wonderland casting and al miller

Commercial Casting and Beyond


Wonderland Casting was established in 2015 and specializes in commercial and branded content.  In order to satisfy the shifts in today's advertising landscape, we are the only casting company in LA that can boast an ever-increasing catalogue of influencers whom are interested in appearing in commercial and branded content.

Wonderland Casting has a team of professional casting associates who are also savvy and meticulous researchers.  Working in a team allows us to tackle any job regardless of the scope of the cast or the level of the challenge.


Al of Wonderland Casting was lucky to begin as an assistant in 2006 for some of the busiest commercial Casting Directors in Los Angeles. During those years she developed a diverse set of skills including recruiting real people at the onset of real people casting, and working on countless national scripted campaigns.

Al is grateful to work in a position where she can connect with people in such a unique way, and it brings her so much joy to witness the nuances in actors and real people alike.



At Wonderland Casting, we take pride in not only our far reaching knowledge of seasoned local actors, but in the lengths we go to in order to discover new talent. Our efforts result in a streamlined process and a fresh and memorable casting.


Now more than ever, influencers and micro influencers are in demand for advertising on all platforms. Not all influencers are created equally.  We know exactly how to track down who and what has high engagement and a loyal following.


Al worked in real people casting when it was just beginning to really take hold in advertising, and as a result has a leg up on the genre in general. Wonderland Casting's meticulous team consistently surpasses expectations, no matter how specific or obscure the spec may be.



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